Costa Brava

Ampuriabrava / Empuriabrava:

The lagoon town is the net of 36 km navigable channels, that extends over the entire conurbation and thus the tallest Marina of the continent, the "Florida" Of Europe represents. 5000 berths offer a lever-place directly at the own house door as well as a big shipyard at the yacht port with repair services, service station, crane plant and a boat fair. The beach has got signalized with the Blue Flag, a feature of cleanliness requirements ( see at www.blueflag.org)

This extraordinary vacation destination offers not only Cultural offers (Dali museums, roman and Greek ruins in Empuries) or nature parks in the near environment to you separate also innumerable purchase possibilities, supermarkets, titbits from the German baker's shop and butcher's shop as well as many restaurants and snack bars please onto your visit.

From the health field she expects the team and colleague from the massage practice, Wellnesscosmetics, pharmacies, German-speaking Doctors and a veterinary practice.

For all PC-fans or working persons, that would like to be also in the vacation on-line, there is naturally also an Internet Cafe !

Rental of boats (also Driver's License-Free ones), Strandbuggy`s, bikes, PKW and motorcycles are possible in the local centre.

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In this white small fisherman place there are not any multi-storey building, for that, however, much Romantic atmosphere. Here the former residential building of Salvatore Dali is to be admired.

Castello d`Empuries:

11 km inland, direction Figueres, the former residence of the counts of Empuries lies. The high gentlemen left a palace and thick walls around the small place ( 2500 Ew) with his narrow lanes. The Gothic facade of the basilica de Santa Maria from the year 1067 is sight-worth.

Figueras / Figueres:
(katalan Figueres, spanish Figueras)

Figueras has 35000 inhabitants in the province of Girona and is, remote 8 km from the vacation stronghold Ampuriabrava, also in the area of Katalonien. Through the train accessibility she is an important connector for vacation visitors. Visit the famous Dali-museum there

Roses / Rosas:

The city at the bay with the same name, wide preserved approximately 12000 inhabitants and the Flair of romanticism. The long white beaches concede sufficiently place for Sun-Hungry Holiday-Makers. The popular holiday resort with yacht port, fishery harbour, innumerable purchase possibilities and sights offers all that craves for the heart. Dawdle along the Strandprommenade to numerous businesses, restaurants and Snack-bars. Have the history of the city in an historical-archaeological park and the museum since foundation 776 of Chr. in the museum of the citadel. Nature parks, gardens and possibilities for the adventure sport in the environment complete the offer.

German Doctor center in the local centre.

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Costa Brava




The Most beautiful Bay in the world